At The Pollitt Selection, we are known in Fayetteville for our framing and unique gifts but we have unrivaled pieces of art as well. We have a wide selection of many images. These pieces include those by a  local artists with scenes of downtown Fayetteville, military pieces as well as contemporary artwork.

Art is an investment. Whether its value is monetary or sentimental, protect your investment by having it custom framed by a caring professional. The Pollitt Selection specializes in archival framing of your precious artwork, photos and memorabilia. We offer a full line of archival mats and UV filtering glass to minimize the damaging effects of light on your artwork.
Our Witches Balls are full of glittering strands that are known to protect your homes by attracting and trapping the evil spirits.

The Pollitt Selection is proud to be an exclusive agent for the works of Michael Solovey. The military artwork created by Michael was inspired by his time serving in the US Army with the Special Forces and embodies the images from military units like them as well as regular Army units like the All-American 82nd Airborne Division located at Fort Bragg North Carolina. You can see the full selection of his prints at Besides being an accomplished artist, Michael is still on active duty serving our country.